Lake Nona Institute

The Lake Nona Institute is a non-profit, community-focused organization that incubates, activates and measures the impact of innovative technologies and programs that can become global models for building healthy, sustainable and inspired communities. The Institute focuses on programs based on our Three Pillars:  Health & Wellness, Education and Sustainability.

Health & Wellness

Advancing technologies and programs that enable longer, healthier lives.

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Inspiring learners to excel through a Collaborative Learning Environment.

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Implementing technologies and programs that reduce dependence on non-renewable resources and minimize impact on the environment.

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Lake Nona Institute News & Events

  • News About Education - March 13, 2012

    Did you know that Lake Nona began a pilot program at Lake Nona High School and Middle School to bring their reading technology to over 750 students? This 18 month program began a remarkable tenfold increase in reading comprehension.  

  • News About Sustainability -

    Did you know that GE introduced special LED street lights at Laureate Park to lower energy use for the community?

  • News About Health & Wellness - March 1, 2012

    The Lake Nona Institute recently brought the GE InBody device to Lake Nona High School to measure body composition of the varsity football team and coaches.